Skokie Knife [Handle Camel Bone]


Handle MaterialBone
ColorWhite and grey
Blade MaterialAlloy steel
Item Weight‎0.75 Kilograms

About this item

  • Our Damascus Steel Manufacturing Process Damascus Steel Knives have been finely hand forged with over (512) layers, combining forging steel (1095) and (15N20) with nickel layer, and our Damascus steel Blades have been given exceptional heat treatment to reach a (56 to 60) HRC.
  • Skokie Knives is a manufacturer of hunting knives with flawless edges and sharpness, as well as gorgeous Bull Horn, Rose Wood, Brass Spacer, and Color Woods handles. This beautiful, high-quality Damascus steel is used to create a one-of-a-kind design of custom hunting knives and folding knives.
  • Beautiful Custom Hand Made Damascus Steel Unique Knives, Folding Knives, Karambit Knives, Forged Knives with a combination of different and Handle material with Natural Camel Bone, Bull Horn, Stag Horn, Ram Horn, and different Color Wood, Pakka Wood these handle material make our products unique in the best around the world.
  • Original light brown, dark brown leather covers with cow skins are used to make our leather covers, which are of excellent design and quality. We provide high-quality items such as knives, daggers, pocket knives, axes heads, chef sets, and hunting trackers.
  • Our excellent design is well-made and of top-notch quality. We employ the greatest and excellent file work on the knives, with a lot of important feathers of our goods, Excellent Edges, and well-sharpened blades that you will appreciate. On our one-of-a-kind blades, we must apply white oil. Tips for Damascus Knives: Do not store our Damascus Steel Knives in their original Cow leather cover for an extended period of time. After using the Damascus Knives, coat the blades with white oil or wax. Our Damascus steel Knives are a hit with you.


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