What are Exotic Knife Types & How are they Forged?

Exotic knives are known to be the strangest and differently made knives. The word exotic stands for strikingly unusual. If you ever notice you’ll see that these knives are very beautiful yet strangely engraved. The curves of these knives make the look of knives very attractive and set an impression of being cool knives. After the shape of these knives, the second thing that makes them look more attractive is the charming grips. The grips are formed by the fine wood selection and then giving it a classy shape and this formation is done with the hands and hence that is why they are called the elemental knife.

These 2 features together make this knife very charming. Since these knives are custom made which is why there is a great focus even on very tiny details that are formed.  The first-ever knife was produced 2.5 million years before and during the period, there was a huge category of knives that were released from knives assassin to chef knives and much more. There is a very professionalized way that is followed to form and complete a knife and give it the most efficient effort.

How is a Knife Forged?

Everyone believes that exotic knives are made just by cutting metal and joining it with a wooden grip but they have no idea that there is much more than they are missing. 2 of the best types are steel carbon steel and alloy steel. The formation of custom forged knives begins with cutting down the specific steel according to the size demanded. After the cutting process is done then the first main step is to create very unique curve designs, our designers need to be very precise over the curves and engravement. After finalizing the design using sharp cutters the metal is given its distinctive look.

It is believed that if there are more curves on a knife the more it creates its attractiveness. Working on the details comes in the last after finishing the grip work. The grip work begins with the grinding of the finest wood that is bought from California. The wood cutting process is carried out with the motive of not wasting any wood and making use of it all. The grip is made mainly focusing on the comfort factor, once the grip is made comfortable enough then the designing pattern is followed.

The design mainly is the pointed end-use of leather or plastic on grip depending on the customer demand and design that is told. All these hand efforts make these exotic handmade knives the best among all the other handmade knives. And finally comes the shining process in which the knife is given the amazing shine. You can witness the stunning shine by buying our cheapest collection of exotic knives known as folding knives.

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What are the different types?

Once you decide to visit our knife collection you’ll witness many different types of knives which are present in the finest quality. There are different sizes available which include hand-size normal knives and pocket knives as well.  You can get to see a lot of Chef knives that are best for the kitchen stuff and the best steak knives. These exotic Damascus knives can be used for several purposes which include cutting of wood, interior decoration of your house, and for kitchen use as well.

You can view different exotic kitchen knives each carrying its purpose, some are best for meat cutting and some are best for vegetable cutting. For an easy to carry and making the exotic knives more portable you can find custom forged folding knives that can easily be kept in your pockets.

These pocket carry knives are best if you work in some place and you need to have constant use of cutting plastic things or any other normal usage. The other type of knife which are made to be the sharpest knife is the hunting knife.  These hand-carved hunting knives are widely used for traditional hunting purposes. The Damascus knives serve their purpose in different ways and that’s the best thing about them.

Nevertheless, other normal knives are very poor in quality and there is a chance of them getting broken or edges getting broken, whereas knives are made in such a way so they can be helpful with anything without the fear of breaking your knife. Chefs prefer using professional knives to add class to their work, that is why you can view steak knives in collections. So these are the main types of knives.

How is each exotic knife different from the other?

As mentioned before, what makes a knife different is its uniqueness. Each knife is made uniquely and what unites them is the name provided to these knives. After the work of cutting the metal is done our professional workers who have experience of many years. Other normal knives only undergo the process of cutting and sharpening the edges whereas the knives are completely dependent on their creativeness and distinctiveness.

There is a great demand for knives and it is very obvious that people need to maintain the knife since they can lose the shine of the grip or get the knife edges unaligned. Unlike other knives, the edges of the knives are made in a recurved edge which makes them very worth it. Because of this, the recurve is a handy tool. Edge lengthening is achieved by recurving the knife. More sharpness is usually preferred when cutting. Identical to the belly, the recurve cuts the fabric in an already direction.

Even though sharpening recurved edges is more difficult than sharpening straight ones, there are two advantages to using them over completely serrated ones. It is simpler to sharpen recurve knives than serrated ones. Second, compared to a notched knife, the straight edge enables for more precise slicing.


How to maintain a knife?

The owner of the knives should be sure and careful about the cleanliness of the knife. These knives are meant to be a piece of art and they should be taken care of as an art. If your knife is genuinely filthy, try cleaning it with a moist cloth smeared with dishwashing detergent. If you scrub your knives well after using detergent, it will not harm them. You should avoid immersing your knives completely, particularly the pivot, because of this. To avoid damaging leather grips, keep them out of moisture, especially for the foldable knife owner.

After you have used your knife for some purpose it may or may not get sticky, get a jar of GooGone if the knife becomes stuck by gum, adhesive, or slicing tape. In the washing products area of any retail area, you may find it. Although it won’t harm your knife.  Put a little on a towel and use it to clean your knife. Apply wiping ethanol or hand lotion to maintain your knife bacteria-free so you may choose out a bandage or chop up a meal. For the folding knives, you need to make sure that the folding point is well oiled.

If your knife isn’t stainless metal or you use it frequently in saline or watery atmosphere, you should oil it frequently. You should still oil it at minimum thrice a month, even if the material is stainless steel. To use RustFree, you’ll need to remove the rust from your firearms first. When it comes to protecting your knives, one spray would go a lengthy way. Make sure your knives are cleaned before you begin. You’re just sealing filth behind a coating of protecting oil if you oil dirty knives.

What are the rarest Exotic knives?

1. Mammoth Ivory and teeth

Mammoths, if you’ve never heard of them, are a species of ancient mammals related to current elephants. You’ll have to pay a premium to get your hands on a grip crafted from mammoth tusk since the availability is so restricted. They are a museum piece and you can’t just go and get it since they are known to be very rare.

2. Tortoise Shell

Material for tortoise shells originates from marine turtles of a specific kind. A document showing that the product was manufactured before the restriction on the use of sea turtles’ products is required before it may be sold. Because of their rarity, the grips are one-of-a-kind, but they’re also easy to copy.

3. Hippo Tooth

When it comes to materials, some, like hippo teeth, are very rare due to their scarcity. A fossilized hippo skeleton was used to make the knife, which means it retains its form, color, and mold. If you own a remarkable hippo knife grip, you must have been aware of local restrictions regarding its usage and transportation, particularly in the United Kingdom.

4. Coprolite 

You may have pondered where all the enormous creatures went when dinosaurs roamed the world. Many of these cretins are still there, and you can buy a dagger fashioned from them. Coprolite is the scientific word for the petrified excrement of a variety of prehistoric animals.

5. Wood from peach trees

All of the materials that have been used so far have come from animals, although a few types of wood are also quite uncommon. Peach tree wood, not to be confused with “peachwood,” has a very restricted supply. It’s because peach trees don’t have a lot of wood, and they’re prone to splintering, yet the wood is excellent and sought after by knifemakers.

6. Dinosaur bone

Dinosaur bones are much older than mammoth bones. Some of this stuff has been around for roughly 150 million years. Despite this, dinosaur bone is so ancient that it’s virtually made of rock. There is no biological substance remaining, in contrast to some mammoth bones. However, the price of dinosaur bones may be astronomical.

7. Meteorite

Next up is a meteorite, which takes us from the depths of the earth to outer space. A meteorite is an asteroid or comet that makes it to the surface of the Earth from space.
Meteorites are far more frequent than you may believe, despite your preconceived notions. According to Cornell University, 18,000 to 84,000 meteorites larger than 10 grams fall to Earth each year, however, most of the m don’t reach the surface and others fall into the ocean, according to Cornell.

Even so, you’ll be able to locate a good deal of it. Because meteorite is mainly iron, most knives created with it have a meteorite blade. However, meteorites may also be found in the handle scales of certain knives.

8. Oosic

For hundreds of years, Alaskan tribes have utilized this material when it washes ashore.
Although it may be found in many other species, I feel the ideal material to utilize is the long bone of the walrus because of its density.

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