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We welcome you to one of the finest and probably the best sites of manufacturers of Damascus steel knives. Based in Wazirabad which is well known for the manufacturing of knives and daggers. Our 350-square-foot warehouse holds a large amount of inventory which includes all of the best-produced Damascus steel knives, customized daggers, and leather protection for your armor as well.

Besides these simple daggers and knives, we produce hundreds and thousands of other stuff which include fancy knives, convertible, foldable knives, and much more. If you are visiting this site then you have made the very right decision since we have won the trust of countless customers and are serving our best and winning hearts.

The pricing strategy and the resources used for the manufacturing are the best hence making our products the most reliable ones.  It doesn’t matter where on the Earth you are living once you have placed the order with the help of DHL Express you will be delivered your Damascus knife within days in the safest and best packing. 


Get your hands on the most exclusive daggers and steel blades which are available in our Damascus steel shop at a very economical price and very fine quality. You can view our top-selling knives with the most beautiful carved leather grip that can be of your choice of color. We try to focus on every aspect of a knife, from its sharpness, its length to its design, and last but not least the grip which is made very firmly.

The foldable knives are one of the top-selling knives due to their portability, you can easily carry them anywhere and they will just consume a pocket space for themselves. It can be used in many different ways but the sharpness of this knife is less compared to other categories. 

Outdoor Knives & Daggers 

We have a wide range of collections of knives and daggers for outdoor use, whether it is for forest use or your protection cause, or any other usage for outdoor use, we got you covered.

Damascus Axes are best for your safety if you are walking through a forest or cutting off the branches for a bonfire. There are other alternatives to axes such as Viking axes and tracker knives, these are relatively bigger and good for uncertain situations. The Viking ax is very beautifully carved with very precise curves along with the grip which is made through the woods of California which makes it stronger with the outline of leather. 

If you can’t carry a large size ax it’s totally fine since we can serve you with options like Kukuri knives, hunting knives, bowie knives, and a wide collection of differently designed foldable knives. These knives are compatible in size and much easier to carry and consume a lot less space but are the same benefits and are a lot sharper. You are setting up a tent house and you need sharp branches. These small size knives are the best for use. If you want to cut down any small thing and knives are larger for it, no worries since we got you a kris blade which is a pen in size and best for sharpening things like very small branches and making sharp edges. 

Indoor Knives & Daggers

There is a great use of daggers and knives in homes and other indoor activities. Our inventory holds many attractive scissors for household usage and also for the barbers specifically. We have a great range of professional scissors which are available in different sizes and are completely stainless with further categories of thinning scissors and much more. The scissors are attractive in shape and very easy to handle in size. 

We have 70 different designs of chef’s steel knives, these all are exclusively custom-made according to the preference of customers. These are best for kitchen use and butchers as well. The sharpness of these knives makes them best for cutting anything like meat for butchers and vegetables for the kitchen. They are very rare in design and we make sure that they are very normal in weight so that anyone can handle them, especially the steel kitchen knives. Our engraved 5-piece set of knives and bread kitchen knives are currently the top-selling knives and most of them are limited edition so don’t lose the opportunity of enjoying the sharpness of these unique knives. 

Users can also find Damascus steel rings on our site listed in products which are made on special orders and custom in sizes and designs don’t forget to view the Damascus pens which are very attractive and a rare collection. They are very light in weight and compatible for longer use. They are all handmade which makes them even sexier. If you haven’t checked out over sword collection then do it right away. They can be used for your safety as well as a good decoration piece if you want to use them either way. 

What makes us different?

Our main goal is to accomplish customer satisfaction. The price strategy that is use